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2008-04-22 15:24:21 by bailz

uhh nobody has time to do anything right now expecially me, i finally have my drawing class and my drawings are like 800% better, i still cant shade, but hopefully we will get to that, still i can only copy things i see, i havent had time to work on things that i imagine. I can make all my backgrounds just fine because i prefer to base them on things i see , but characters i will need time to figure out. O well, all my current projects are on indefinant hold until i have time to practice, so probiably by the end of the summer i will build the skills nessisary to start, still i was hoping to sort of have something by now, o well.


2008-02-21 10:15:20 by bailz

I sent some of my sketches to one of my friends. She is much better at drawing then i am and she also has a working sketch pad. Hopefully when she is done with them my chicken scratch sketches will be somthing i can build off of. I can draw backgrounds but im not great at scale and symatry in figures. AHHHHH, i need my drawing class, why do i have to take a stupid religion course? lolz


2008-02-19 20:12:31 by bailz

I have put my sprite video on indefinate hold for now and my flash video is on the for front, it will be months till im done because i wont be totally satisfied with it until i have my drawing class and learn how to draw a little better. I have decided to call it Ragnarok and it will be about a time after the downfall of humanity where human are mere prey to be hunted by more powerful beings. The main character will be a sort of vampirish shape shifter named Otono. I have some basic sketches made and i started redoing some of them on the pc, if the first shortish one is well resived ill make more.

New ideas

2008-02-08 16:07:40 by bailz

I'm putting my origional flash project on hold until I try out some new ideas i have had, If all goes well I will probiably put out a video before the one I have been working on, and it will be a much better video, atleast in my opinion, I still don't have a sketchpad so im hand drawing for this so it wont suck as bad as if it was all mouse done, still i have no sense of scale and shading, hopefully drawing class next term will help with that w00t


2008-02-02 00:22:59 by bailz

k despite my injured arm, and the numerous injuries i sustianed today, ranging from getting a large piece of 3/4 ply throw at my ankle to getting my ribcage crushed between a set piece and a table saw, i managed to finish 3.3 seconds today in the hour i spent working. It's late, I'm tired, otherwise i would have even more done, I would be done by now except it's production week for the play so we have to finish facing and painting the set so the actors can rehearse there positions ad not just lines. AT ALL COSTS. I think we will just barely make it in time. still my first video will be out in a week or 2, right on scheduale, and will hopefully be about a minute long. A baisc sprite video of sonic fighting knuckles, but what i need to build some skillz and get some feedback.


2008-01-31 17:18:30 by bailz

I got hurt today at tech crew. I was moving a heavy platform and on my way out a door i tripped on another platform and landed on my arm. Lucky i didn't hit my head on the concrete floor. I hurt my arm badly although nothing is spraind or broken but it is making it harder to work so my first flash video will probiably take a few 4-7 days longer then i origionally thought, as of now i am almost done the first 7.2 seconds. Its slow going and i expect it will be blammed but its a start and hopefull i will get enough feedback to learn a few new trick to speed up the process for my next one. thats all for now.

Hmm . . .

2008-01-27 20:44:54 by bailz

First video is going well, i had a problem with my silver sonic sprites so i switched to a normal blue sonic to try to remedy the solution, unfortuatly i was halfway through mapping sonic movments for the first 10 seconds when i realized it was haive the same problem, it has a white background i cant figure out how to get read of, unfortunatly i have no idea what the problem is so im going to keep working without the nice orgional sonic game type background and realse it with something basic and hope feedback can get me an answer, other than that things are going well. I can't deside whiether to try and map out sounds for the video or to just use some fast technoy music like "Sandstorm" or something, I'm still a good ways off from done because i want this to be atleast 1 minute long

1st flash

2008-01-26 16:04:14 by bailz

Sooooooooooooooo yeah I'm finally working on my first real flash project, a sprite video of knuckles fighting a silver sonic. I finish about 5.2 seconds worth of knuckles animation yesterday durring my 2 hours of weekend study hall, which was good and bad, it took wayyyyyyy to long. I'm going to produce the sonic parts for the first 5.2 seconds now. Hopefully it's not tooo much of a pain. Once I'm done animating I just have to figure out how to do sound. Hopefully i can find a good background in the form of a klassic sonic background or I can get one of my friends who is lucky enough to own a pc sketchpaad to draw one for me.