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2008-09-16 15:16:31 by bailz

I want to start a new project, an actaully movie not just a random fight. Unfortunatly i dont know what i want to do sooooooooooo i cant start. I need to go get andrew to write for me so that i can just animate and i need to find my mic. Once i impliment what i learned from my first vid into a new project, and actually take my time on a new project i should churn out something much better then my first try

1st submission

2008-09-15 21:47:06 by bailz

So i think my first submission survived . . . Barely. I got a lot of valuable feed back specifily aimed at the problems i was haveing, which i am very happy about. While it was not blammed i still feel like it was real low quality, which it was. but hopefully by submitting it i can learn what i need to make somthing good much sooner then i would have otherwise. All in all it was an okay experiance. ^-^

1st flash

2008-09-15 16:39:25 by bailz

Submitted my first flash, a sprite animation. Its not that good. its got some flaws. It will probiably be blammed but im hoping to get some advice in the meantime.


2008-09-15 10:19:32 by bailz


Hey I'm on the internet again

2008-08-20 15:12:02 by bailz

Soooooo after working for 2 months I'm back on the internet, it's been about to months since I've done anything other than check facebook so it's good to be back

Trapped a work

2008-06-23 11:18:16 by bailz

Its my day off and I'm still stuck at work. I need a car. Gah I'm bored, and i cant even fix this stupid pc in the staff lounge because it doesn't have admin privileges. I'm lucky i figured out how to install firefox onto instead of the like 16 year old version of internet explorer it had


2008-06-07 14:13:31 by bailz

THIS SCHOOL YEAR IS OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!! YESSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Year is almost done

2008-06-06 14:10:18 by bailz

Hey the school year is almost over and i only have to take 1 more exam. Pretty much decided to scrap all the half hearted crap ive been working on. I learned a few tricks useing the paintbrush tool and have figured out how to refine mouse work some. I really need to get a new tablet. I would probiably work on flash a ton over the summer except my summer job litteraly leaves me no time to work at a pc, so i will probiably just work on my quick drawing skills with pen and paper, and figure out what i actually want to do, alone with script storyboard blah blah blah. Sooner or later i will have time. God im always busy, i really need a life.


2008-05-24 17:03:30 by bailz

Amanda finally got around to redoing the sketch i sent her. (She's my friend who draws better then me). She actaully managed to draw it better then the picture that was in my head. I made it my new Newgrounds profile image, check it out it kicks ass. Ive been working my ass off studying for finals so i havnt been able to work on the sprite video that i was fooling around with in my free time, ill get to it later


2008-04-29 10:23:42 by bailz

I found one of my quarter done sprite projects the other day, it was about 10 seconds long. Since i can't start animation yet because i still havent replaced my broken sketchpad and still have trouble fast sketching from my mind, i figured what the hell why not finish it. in about 3 days working here and there i got another 13 seconds done and i think ill be done in maybe 10 or 15 more seconds of video lengh, then i just need to figure out how to add adueo, specifically music because i dont need voices and i dont feel like seing sound effects. I ll probiably get blammed but i need a few sprite pointers anyway since i plan to blend my types of animation (not sprites with draw but the way i animate them) so yeah its something to do in the meantime, i dont think it sucks for a first flash submission but itsnot great and i expect to be blammed, and actually will probiably pull it if it isnt, after i get my feedback anyway. if it does well ill leave it.